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Seventeen years ago, Pearl Pools opened their doors. Starting with weekly pool services and, as knowledge and experience was gained, growing to include repair work and tile cleaning, Pearl Pools now is proud to offer pool remodeling, repairs, services and more.

Veteran-owned and operated, Pearl Pools doesn’t just care about offering clients the best and most comprehensive services, but the most eco-friendly as well. Offering soda blasting in addition to bead blasting, this environmentally friendly and safe option cleans without damaging tiles.

Certified in water chemistry and holding a contractor’s license as well as an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, when you’re looking to get your pool tiles cleaned, you can count on Pearl Pools to get the job done on time and to the highest standard, so you can get back to using your pool right away!

We’re Not Afraid of Hard Work

At Pearl Pools, we understand the efforts that go into selecting a quality pool servicing company. While our company has been around for 17 years, many of our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Through our high employment standards and commitment to hard work and producing quality results, 98% of all our requests are completed within 48 hours. Now that’s saying something!

The water chemistry certification training each one of our skilled pool technicians holds, ensures that all work Pearl Pools does on your pool will be done properly and safely. Are you ready to see your pool sparkle again? So are we!

Efficient Scale Removal

As the owner of a pool, you have likely heard the term scale tossed around when discussing pool cleaning. Scale is the calcium or magnesium that is left behind in deposits by the hard water in your pool. It gives a cloudy white grimy appearance that isn’t very pleasant to look at.

Bead blasting

A step above sand blasting which would be very harmful to your swimming pool tiles, bead blasting uses glass beads to remove calcium from pool tiles. These glass beads are abrasive and a very affordable option that leaves no residue behind and is healthy for regular use on pool tiles.

Soda blasting

Combining water and soda into one high pressure stream, soda blasting is the ultimate in non-damaging and eco-friendly cleaning options for pool tile cleaning. When swimming pool tiles are cleaned using beads or sand, they do have the potential to damage. And, while soda blasting is a more expensive process, it’s one we highly recommend.

A Personalized Approach to Pools

When it comes to hiring a pool tile company to remove calcium from pool tiles and ensure your pool looks its best and functions at its best all season, you can rely on Pearl Pools to provide you with a highly professional, personalized service.

We keep our cleaning costs competitive, and our work time short. By doing so, we can promise that you’ll be able to get back in your pool as quickly as possible after our visit!